Video Video Video
We pride ourselves on being able to bring
your vision to life. We also realize that
sometimes your vision may seem bigger
then your budget. But that's ok. We've worked
with every type of budget imaginable. We
offer up front pricing and no-hassle
consultations. Come find out what has made
our 1000's of clients glad they found
us and why they keep coming back.


What's included :: 3 hours of video
coverage of your location. 6 Hours of
video editing and graphics. You provide
the outline of the script. We revise it.
You approve it. We deliver the final
product to you or the station it will be
aired on.

Total Cost $1195

I need a bigger project, a nicer commercial, a training video or a marketing video: Ok, so you need more then a local commercial spot. You need guidance. You need an advertising plan, maybe a branding plan, maybe you need us to come up with an entire concept, a script or anything that will help get your message across. We can help you. Plus we can probably save your budget, make you a hero to your boss and earn you that promotion.

The NUMBER ONE QUESTION:: How much is this going to cost? Well that depends. We have upfront pricing so we never bombard you with hidden cost. We can show you projects that are $5000 and projects that are $500,000. So whatever your budget is we will work with you. It's plain and simple. But giving us an idea of what you want to spend will help us give you an idea of what we can create.

(To help get you started)
1 Camera package with operator and audio tech.
(10 hour day $1295; 5 hour day $795)
Video Editing, 2D/3D Animation, ($115 per hour)
Producing, Scripting, Consultation ($115 per hour)
Tele-prompter - $300 per day
Green Screen Rental - $125 per day