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Hello John..............I just wanted to let you know that

we received our DVD's yesterday. 

Larry and I sat down and watched it all last night
after he figured out how to use the DVD player. We are

use to the VHS.   I wanted to tell you how pleased

we were with them. It was like being there and doing it

all over again. We both saw parts that we never
saw that day and especially the dove release. We never

got to see that happen and we are so glad you got

that on tape. We laughed and I had tears in my eyes

at parts and all in all, I am so glad that we had this
done.  Neither one of us would part with these DVD's. 

I told my husband that they meant more to me and

they were worth every penny especially when you think

how much money we paid out to feed a lot of people

we don't even know  (Ha Ha). I have a friend in Cincinnati  whose daughter is getting married on October 30th and she is not having a video so I called her to tell her that I think she is making a mistake and should reconsider although it would be hard for her to get one now. I left her a message on her answering machine trying to tell her how much mine meant to me. I guess it is up to her but I am so glad I got mine.

Thanks again.   I just wanted to share this with you.  You can always use my name as a recommendation for you.

Barb Fortner

(Mother of Wendy Fortner)


Dear John and Sunshine,

We would like to thank you so much for making our wedding video more special than we could have imagined. Our music recap was beautiful and our whole family wanted us to tell you that they loved it.  Thanks again!!

~Sheryl and Dave~

Dear John,

Please tell your staff that they made my daughter's wedding video so beautiful.  It was such a wonderful surprise for her to see that I had hired a video crew.  She didn't think she could afford one, most are so expensive and the ones that are inexpensive just look, well, bad.  But when my husband and I saw your prices and looked at your beautiful demo, we knew you were perfect for us.  You let us give our daughter a gift that they will cherish for all time. Thank you so much!

~Bonnie~ (Mother of the Bride)

Inexpensive, beautiful, professional.  I don't need to tell you any more how happy I was with our DVD. Thanks

~Greg and Kate~

Brad (our DJ) of "Sound Horizons" said you were the best. So after meeting with you, seeing your work, we went with you.  It  was the best decision we could have made for our wedding.  You offered us more content, more options - all at a better price than anyone else.  Thank you. Oh, and I loved the pictures and video you placed on the internet for us!!

~Amber and Paul~

You made my wife and I cry when we watched it.  It is so amazing to listen to our vows over and over again.  The pictures we have are great, but with the video we can relive it word for word.  Even though Sarah was whispering during her vows you can hear it as clear as day.  That was amazing.  Thank you, John!!

~Chris and Sarah~

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