John Bujak (Owner, Production Specialist, Professional Photographer, Editor) - John has worked in television for over 9 years. He started working as a runner for the Detroit Lions during their broadcast and worked his way through the ranks.  He just recently finished running a camera at Superbowl XL for a FOX and ABC affiliate. He has worked for CBS Sports, Fox Sports, NBC, ABC, MTV, NBA TV in HDTV, Walt Disney, KDN and many more. He has worked with Beta, digi-beta, mini-dv, DVCAM and most recently worked with HDTV for the NBA Playoffs.  He started this company to bring affordable video production to the mass market.  John most recently won a prestigious NATOA award for his work on the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Farmington Hills. John earned his degree from Eastern Michigan University.

Sunshine Bujak (Production Specialist, Professional Photographer, Editor) - Sunshine is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and graduated from the Deans list in December of 2001. Sunshine is also one of the editors of 11-4 Productions.

Kristi Brown (Editor) - Kristi comes to us from Eastern Michigan University were she attained a degree in Communication Technology.   She was hired in June of 2004 as a Full Time Editor for 11-4 Productions and has added an artistic flair to 11-4's creations.

Shana Thompson (Production Specialist) - Shana is a graduate of Central Michigan University and has been working in video for over 3 years.  She has also won many prestigious awards, including Philos, hometown and NATOAs.

Ryan Demetrak (Videographer) - Ryan is a graduate of Western Michigan University.  He has expanded his education by graduating from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and taken
classes on video editing.  He has worked on many projects including 11-4 Productions current pilot for Discovery HD Theatre

Jacob Nothstine (Production Specialist, Professional Photographer) Jacob graduated from Ferris State University in 1995 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Television Production. Jacob has worked in the video production field for 9 years. He has produced shows that have aired on PBS Channel 56 in Detroit and has produced programming for the communities of Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Bloomfield, and Southfield. Jacob has worked on productions that have won local and regional awards including 2 Philo T. Farnsworth awards and 4 Telly awards. Jacob has training in several technical skills that include, Steadycam Operator, Avid Editor  (Certified in Advanced Avid Techniques for Avid Media Composer), and Advanced Photography. Outside of work, one of Jacob passions is Nature Photography. He has traveled all over the United States photographing nature. He also enjoys Kayaking, Snowboarding, Mountaining Biking, Camping, and Woodworking.  To view Jacob's Personal website click here. On it you'll find more samples of much of Jacob's work that has been shown in galleries.

Scott Semones (Videographer/Editor) - Scott is a graduate of Specs Howard School of broadcast arts. He has been with 11-4 Productions for a little over a year and brings an artistic eye and great shot composition to the team.  He is also one of 11-4's Full Time Editors.

Quincy Thomas (Videographer) - coming soon...

Nicole Kinnunen (Videographer) - coming soon...

Brad Richter (Videographer) - Brad has been working in the field of television for almost four years. He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and currently is a professor at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts.  He has worked on such shows as "Surviving Ted" A reality game show airing on VH! starring Motor City Madman Ted Nugent. He also worked for the Detroit tigers, Detroit Pistons, MTV, NBC, FOX and much as a camera operator, producer and director.  He is also the owner of Sound Horizons DJ service.