2005 was a banner year for 11-4 Productions.  Our crews traveled all over the country video taping national television shows, commercials, marketing videos, training videos and so much more.


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In September we shot a pilot up in Mackinaw City which we are currently finishing up the editing on now. A viewing of the pilot before submission is scheduled for June.





In February we crewed two different projects during Superbowl XL. The first was for the "Bud Light daredevil: Ted Ferguson"


The second was video work during the game and week of Superbowl XL. 








In March of 2006 we had a shoot for CNBC Europe at a local customization shop.


From November '05 until March '06 we shot a local affairs show all across the US.  We shot 52 half hour shows in a week for each market, plus edited them with graphics and lower thirds.  By far one of the hardest shoots we have ever been involved in.  Imagine arriving on a Sunday night, starting 6AM Monday morning and ending at 11PM with little breaks, then starting all over again at 6AM the following day.  Very long days, but still, I think by the middle part of the week nobody would have wanted to be anywhere else. Fun host, interesting guest, what a time. . .


John setting up for the first shoot of the day.

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Sunshine getting that perfect shot for one of our many news type shoots we do for a company that satellite uplinks the finished material for stations across the country.





More to come, check back soon . . .