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  Animations Corporate Weddings    


This is our most extensive and all inclusive package we offer.  It all starts with all day recording of the bride, groom and bridal party, starting at the bride and grooms house.  See them getting ready and listen to interviews as people reflect on what is going to take place.  Feel all the excitement build as we head for the ceremony itself. 

During the Ceremony we use two broadcast quality cameras. This way we get shots of the bride, groom and the audience as well.   We use wireless microphones so you won't miss a thing.

Your reception will be recorded using two broadcast quality cameras.  We capture the grand entrance, the toast, bridal dances, garter and bouquet toss. One of our cameras is set up with lights and a little out of the way to conduct candid interviews and well wishers giving you their thoughts and best wishes. We also capture all of your moments as well as reaction shots of your guest during these unforgettable moments.

Your finished product will have its own unique open with graphics and music.  If you'd like to include 25 pre-marriage pictures as well as 25 honeymoon pictures.

To make this moment even more memorable we will post up to 15 pictures and a two minute video on a website for you and your friends to enjoy for six months after the wedding. This enables people who were unable to attend your wedding the ability to relieve it over the internet by looking at special moments and watching edited video.   No other company offers you this. 

As an added bonus we also include a Highlights video of the ceremony and reception.

You will receive five copies in DVD or VHS format your choice.


COST = $2495

To request information please call 734-657-3141 or email info@11-4productions.com

Ceremony 2 cameras                                                       

Reception 2 cameras                                                       

1 wireless microphone                                                    

25 pre-wedding pictures                                                 

25 honeymoon pictures                                                    

Interviews with family and friends                                 

Digital Editing with graphics

Music Highlights video

5 copies on DVD or VHS your choice

6 months of free website hosting   

    *15 pictures on the web

     *1; two minute video on the web

All day recording starting at the brides/grooms homes    

Recording of time between reception and ceremony

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