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Wedding Packages

We have four custom Wedding Packages you can choose from, or you may create your own.  The one aspect you'll notice about all of our packages is the fact that we use a minimum of two cameras for the ceremony without charging you extra!  Why?  So we don't miss any part of the action. Secondly, we shoot in DVCAM (a professional broadcast format) and not mini-dv, like most of our competitors.  Why?  Why would you want to pay all that money for a less than professional format  that produces a lower quality picture and audio?  Third, all of our DVD's include a fully interactive MOTION background.  Why?   Who wouldn't want that at no extra charge?  Oh, and one more thing,  we don't charge extra because of your  location.

Platinum $2355  (Price after rebate)

Gold  $1395 (Price after rebate)

 Silver $895 (Price after rebate)

Bronze - $595

One other aspect we offer is the ability to have your wedding remembered over the internet.  What we can do for you is place up to 15 pictures and a two minute edited video on a website for people who weren't able to attend to download and view.  These pictures and videos stay on the internet for 6 months after your wedding, giving friends and family the ability to relive the day over and over again.

Cost is $350 (included in our Gold and Platinum package)

For more information call 734-657-3141. Or email us at info@11-4productions.com.

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