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Frequently Asked Questions

"What kind of experience do you and your crew have?"

   Answer:  All of the people working for 11-4 Productions are trained professionals and have a four year degree from an accredited university, which means that in addition to being in the field for at least 2 years they have four years of dedication and training to perfect their craft. Many of us also freelance and shoot video for other events around the area, such as the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers and Detroit Pistons.

"Where are you located?"

   Answer: We are located in Southeast Michigan.  To your right is a map indicating where we have traveled too for weddings. We have gone to Ohio, Kentucky, Petoskey MI, Chicago and many more.  For weddings 3-4 hours or more away from our office, our crews leave the day before and stay the night in the city of your wedding to make sure we arrive to your event on time.

"Can I choose who will be video taping or doing Photography for my wedding?"

    Answer: After meeting with us we will assign people that best fit your personality and your particular style. You may always make a request but no guarantees on any request.

"When will I know who will be video taping or photographing my wedding?"

   Answer:  We will let you know whom will be video taping your wedding within 2 months of your wedding date. If you haven't met your photographer yet we will let you know at this time as well. Typically you will meet your photographer ahead of time usually at your engagement shoot. This will enable you the opportunity to get to know their personality and decide if they are the right fit for you.

"May I see a sample of your work?"

    Answer:  Certainly. You may click here and if you have any trouble viewing them please contact us via email or call us 734-657-3141. We can mail you a sample DVD or set up a meeting with you to view it in person. This allows you to meet us and view our work at the same time.

"What type of equipment do you use?"

    Answer:  You may click here to see the types of equipment that we use. Since we do more than weddings, our professional clients demand professional equipment.  Because of that, the benefits extend to our wedding clients as well. To see a list of our corporate clients click here.

"What is DVCAM? Why do you believe it is a better format to shoot with?"


    Answer:  In basic terms, DVCAM shooting locks the audio with the picture. With normal mini-dv or professional dv, the audio is not locked with the picture, enabling the audio and picture to become out of sync.  What this means is that when you are talking, your lips may be moving and the sound does not match your lips.  With DVCAM recording that does not happen.  To learn even more about DVCAM please click here. You will be redirected to another website explaining the benefits of DVCAM and why when we were purchasing our equipment we decided to purchase Sony products.


"How will I know if other wedding videographers shoot on DVCAM cameras?"


     Answer:  If they shoot in DVCAM they will advertise doing so. If not, just ask them what format they use.  Some consumer formats would be mini-dv, digital-8 and S-VHS.  Broadcast formats would include DVCAM, DVCPRO and BETA. Just because they shoot with a Sony, JVC, or Cannon 3CCD video camera doesn't mean it is Broadcast Quality, and it doesn't mean your video will look its best.  If you are unsure of the format they use, just ask. Remember, it is your special day and you need to make sure you're getting the best product possible. 


"What is 'Broadcast Quality'?"


     Answer: Broadcast Quality is the industry standard used for television production.  ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. all use Broadcast Quality formats.  For the longest time it was BETA (developed by SONY in the late 70's, early 80's).  However, with technology advancing many broadcasters have switched to the more modern DVCAM and now Digi-BETA (both developed by SONY) for their broadcast recordings.  If you'd like more information, please email us at info@11-4productions.com


"When will the edited tapes be available?"

      Your video will be ready within 8-12 weeks.


"How far do you travel and what are the fees?"

      Yes, we travel!  We've been to Kentucky, Wisconsin, California, Florida and more.  Our travel expenses start 60 miles from our location.  The fees vary on a case by case basis and are affected by package and distance. Please call 734-657-3141 to get an accurate price quote for weddings at a distance. 


"What do your DVDs look like?"

      Answer: Our DVDs are custom made for your event. All DVD's, regardless of package, include motion menus and buttons to navigate, making the viewing of your wedding more enjoyable.

"Do you require a contract?"

    Answer: Yes.  It is very thorough and easy to understand.  Please notice our extremely large small

 print Click here to view our contract.




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11-4 Productions Provides Video Production for Corporate events such as commercials, remote shooting, editing, news gathering and marketing videos,  in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Farmington, Novi, Sterling Heights, Canton, Livonia, Toledo, Saginaw, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Bloomfield Hills, Dearborn, Monroe, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Mackinaw, Petoskey and the rest of Michigan as well as the entire United States.  We also provide Photography and Videography for weddings in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  Copyright 2005