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NEWS 01/31/04

The first EVER ABC Clan 2 vs 2 tournament will be held tonight.  Contact Major Pa, Swift or Bravo for information.  No upcoming Clan matches to report.  Please check your email for information on strategy from Swift.  See you all online.



NEWS 01/10/04
Sunday the 12th of January will be ABC Clans last war until further notice. Swift has decided it is time for a regroup.  With the losses pilling up it is as though the clan is turning against itself. C-nuts yesterday went a killing rampage as he took his own team members down.  ABC which peaked at one point with 5 wings lost two as Redbird and Shade both fell into a slump and have yet to regain wing status. Again the war is Sunday 01/12 check for time.


NEWS 01/04/04

I don't know exactly who we got our butts kicked by but let me just say it was not pretty.  ABC lost 6-0 in SUJO as the seals.  Then out for revenge ABC went up 2-0 in crossroads playing as terrorist only to get swept in the final 6 rounds. It was an embarrassing loss and difficult to swallow, for Shade. "I can't believe we lost 6 in a row on crossroads"  Was all shade could utter.  Afterwards a pact was formed if you are making a room please pick maps we HATE, so we can get better at them. Or at least pick maps we don't usually play.  Make them short 4-5 minutes and 7-9 rounds so we can play more maps in one sitting.  Well goodnight ABC!!





After suffering through 5 overtimes in the second map ABC Fell to PSI.  ~dman~ went down last with guns blazing.  It was an exciting effort for all in attendance.  The first round ABC lost 4-5 in Vigilance but set out to redeem themselves in the second round.  leading 5-4 all that needed to be done was for ABC to get a draw in the 11th round.  The last remaining seals ~shade~ and ~hi-po~ went into hiding shade went down first. Then with time ticking away the anxiety got to ~hi-po~ and he couldn't sit still to save his family!! As he moved the terrorist spotted the bushes moving and annihilated him WITH ONLY 3 SECONDS REMAINING  He was later quoted as saying "I'm sorry", I'm sorry I ever offered to fight tonight.  ~sion~ did the best he could lasting 3 rounds with a draw.  But in the end a weary and tired ABC team fell. But they did take a lot away from this long fought battle.  "I got to go to work" ~c-nuts~ was quoted as saying.  This was after he killed his own teammates (FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ~MAJORPA~; who now holds the record for killing three teammates in one shot) long time pals ~shade~ and ~bravo~.  Well till next time ABC.


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